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About Karen

Less than a year after starting a low-carb diet, I was TEN SIZES and SIX HUNDRED cholesterol points lighter! Now, YEARS later, (I am into "decades" now) I STILL love and live a low-carb life! Interests I have TWO grand-angels now, a husband of 24 years, and two kids, one of whom is grown and making those grandbabies (my girl), the other still in school (my boy). I do everything for the office end of my husband's electrical contracting business, as well as everything for my website(s), and am fortunate enough to (read that: I worked my butt off so I could!) live in the beautiful Vail Valley of Colorado. When I can find a spare minute, which isn't that often, I like to ride my big bad motorcycle or ski, depending on the weather.
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2 Responses to FIBERFIT

  1. Donna Humphrey says:

    I love Fiberfit! I have been using it for years in my coffee, it is so convenient in the bottles it comes in to take with you wherever you go. No more extra carbs from the packets.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I LOVE my fiberfit. It’s great in coffee. I used it that way for years. No funky after taste like most alternatives. I now drink my coffee black but that doesn’t mean my fiberfit no longer gets used. I use it in lots of things. One of my favorite ways to use it is on a baked sweet potato. I got addicted to these at Outback but at home I wanted to recreate that brown sugar/cinnamon taste without the carbs. A little fiberfit shake and some cinnamon and YUM! It’s also great for mixed drinks “wink wink”. I’ve used it in mojitos quite a bit. Sparkling water, mint, fiberfit, rum and lime – refreshing and yummy!!

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