Instant Cheesecake Custard

Instant Cheesecake Custard

 This is the perfect sweet treat for one with just 4.4 total carbs

JUST 4 INGREDIENTS, ready in minutes!

Vary this easily by substituting lemon or orange flavoring for vanilla extract. Or, for a chocolate fix, you could add a tablespoon of sugar-free chocolate syrup, or a little sugar-free hot cocoa powder… perhaps some sugar-free jam and a sliced strawberry … the possibilities are almost endless.

As this is a sample from my Online Recipe Club #1, the only fair way to really let you sample it is to send you to the Forum where the recipe is hosted.

Here is a picture of my blueberry variation. Bet you’re clicking already! :lol:


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Less than a year after starting a low-carb diet, I was TEN SIZES and SIX HUNDRED cholesterol points lighter! Now, YEARS later, (I am into "decades" now) I STILL love and live a low-carb life! Interests I have TWO grand-angels now, a husband of 24 years, and two kids, one of whom is grown and making those grandbabies (my girl), the other still in school (my boy). I do everything for the office end of my husband's electrical contracting business, as well as everything for my website(s), and am fortunate enough to (read that: I worked my butt off so I could!) live in the beautiful Vail Valley of Colorado. When I can find a spare minute, which isn't that often, I like to ride my big bad motorcycle or ski, depending on the weather.
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