COOKING TLC: Truly Low Carb Cooking, Volume 1

Cooking TLC: Truly Low Carb Cooking, Volume 1

COOKING TLC: Truly Low Carb Cooking, Volume 1

by Karen Rysavy, ISBN 0971492913

Cookbooks are out of stock right now. (I am working on updated e-Book versions now, though.)

135+ delicious, original recipes for the foods you will want to make and eat again and again!


– Complete Recipe Listing with Nutritional Analysis –


· The cookbook is a convenient 6″ x 8.5″ in size when closed, so it takes up less of your valuable counter space while in use.  

· TRUE plastic coil binding (not those binding machine “combs”) mean the pages turn easily, lay flat, stay open to the page you are using, and last a long time.

· LAMINATED covers front and back protect your book from kitchen splashes, etc.  

· COLOR recipe photos on all chapter dividers make browsing easier

· Recipes are confined to a single page in almost all instances, making them easier to follow.

· Cooking TLC Prayer - back cover of Vol. 2All the recipes are easy to follow and cook – you do NOT need to be an experienced cook to use this book! Honest. Suggestions for recipe variations are numerous – I am a big fan of improvisation and my published recipes are WELL tested and refined.

· Complete nutritional data and serving size is provided for every single recipe.

· The typeface is bold and clear and the book is printed on high-quality, bright, heavy-duty paper. 

· I tried to only use ‘specialty’ ingredients when absolutely necessary, and to specify the same few specialty ingredients throughout the book. Once you pick up those few items that might not be available ‘just anywhere’, you’ll be ready to go! 

· I included lots of handy kitchen tips to fill otherwise blank spaces.

$28 includes FREE Media Mail delivery to the USA (just $25 with Priority shipping when you order a set)

$30 includes upgrade to Priority Mail

International shipping – has become very expensive, changes frequently, and is not often requested. If you want a quote on an international shipment please contact me with your complete shipping address and I will reply promptly to confirm your total including shipping. You can decide then if you wish to proceed.

PLEASE NOTE: COOKBOOKS ARE NON-RETURNABLE (unless somehow defective). I give away so much of the book for free that I feel you should already know by the time you order whether it is right for you.


About Karen

Less than a year after starting a low-carb diet, I was TEN SIZES and SIX HUNDRED cholesterol points lighter! Now, YEARS later, (I am into "decades" now) I STILL love and live a low-carb life! Interests I have TWO grand-angels now, a husband of 24 years, and two kids, one of whom is grown and making those grandbabies (my girl), the other still in school (my boy). I do everything for the office end of my husband's electrical contracting business, as well as everything for my website(s), and am fortunate enough to (read that: I worked my butt off so I could!) live in the beautiful Vail Valley of Colorado. When I can find a spare minute, which isn't that often, I like to ride my big bad motorcycle or ski, depending on the weather.
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2 Responses to COOKING TLC: Truly Low Carb Cooking, Volume 1

  1. Marjorie1361 says:

    I own Volumes 1 and 2, and so many of the recipes have become instant favorites: Nirvana Bars, TLC Cheesecake, Impossible Breakfast Pie, Mockaroni and Cheese, and (my all-time favorite) Cheese Pots. Many dishes have also been a big hit with people I’ve shared them with. For example, I brought one friend some Deep Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake and Almond Biscotti. He liked them so much, he inhaled everything immediately and kept telling me that I was a wonderful baker and should go into catering. I told him that it was the *RECIPES* that were wonderful, so the only credit I could take was for following the directions.

    If you have not yet ordered these cookbooks, DO SO IMMEDIATELY!!! YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!

  2. Debi says:

    Love, Love, Love the cookbooks.. I have both volumes.. You won’t be sorry if you invest in them. And it is an investment, in your health!

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